Media References and Puns of Episode 71: Vorugal

This episode goes to show that you shouldn’t Asum what form Raishan is Larkin around in.

Media References

  • (0:01:02) Liam: But [the robe] looks just like Tom Cruise’s!
  • (0:04:10) Sam: Egypt, 1957. The Ark of the Covenant, sort of a crate that carried the 10 Commandments, is opened by Colonel Dietrich and Dr. René Balloq. Ghosts fly out, and it melts the faces of several Nazis while Indiana Jones hides his face. (Raiders of the Lost Ark)
  • (0:04:26) Los Angeles, California, 1995. Rookie detective David Mills, played by Brad Pitt, receives a cardboard crate from murder suspect John Doe! It contains the head of his girlfriend, Gwyneth Paltrow. (Se7en)
  • (0:15:45) Liam: ….the Book of Kells.
  • (0:17:38) Travis: We’re summoning a few good yenks. (A Few Good Men)
  • (0:50:46) Liam: I am f***ing Nightcrawler.
  • (0:57:35) Taliesin: I volunteer as tribute! (The Hunger Games)
  • (1:04:08) Sam: It’s Arendelle! (Frozen)
  • (1:25:03) Sam: Think happy thoughts, click your heels together. (The Wizard of Oz)
  • (1:29:36) Marisha: Do the Gears of War.
  • (1:33:27) Marisha: Check out the big brains on Brad! (Pulp Fiction) NSFW
  • (2:18:24) Matt: Much like the elven cloaks in Lord of the Rings, you blend into the stonework.
  • (2:28:29) Laura and Ashley: *sing The Girl from Ipanema*
  • (2:39:27) Taliesin: Busting out the other book.  Sam: It’s not even a Dungeons & Dragons book.  Taliesin: It’s a cookbook!  Sam: They’re all people!  Sam and Taliesin: IT’S A COOKBOOK! (The Twilight Zone and The Naked Cop 2 ½)
  • (2:41:23) Travis: Back in the dragon again! (“Back in the Saddle” by Aerosmith)
  • (3:16:10) Taliesin and Marisha: Fire rains from above! (Overwatch)
  • (3:40:46) Travis: She’s speakin’ Parseltongue! (Harry Potter)
  • (3:46:16) Keyleth: You’re just mad dogging the dragon? John Cena?
  • (4:04:00) Liam: The mighty Yenkee has struck out. (Casey at the Bat)
  • (4:19:05) Matt: You tumble, we’re talking like Homer Simpson style… (The Simpsons)
  • (4:43:11) Marisha: You ever notice how Larkin and the dragon are never in the same place? (Superman)


  • (0:16:00) Grog: Y’know, everyone could do with a few yenks.
  • (0:19:26) Scanlan: I feel nothing. Sometimes I have to hold it with my left hand so it feels different.
  • (0:21:16) Scanlan: That’s so hot.  Keyleth: It’s actually very cold in the mountains.
  • (4:25:45) Ashley: You Yenk him in half!