Media References and Puns of Episode 72: The Elephant in the Room

In the spirit of today’s puns: What do you call a dinosaur being consumed by a species-ending meteor?

Media References

  • (0:21:30) Laura: Out of sync. Travis: *NSYNC!  Liam?: Bye, bye bye!
  • (0:34:49) Vex’ahlia: I want a claw to wear around my neck!  Marisha: You’re going to be like Mr. T.
  • (0:56:31) Liam: Way to go, Cumberbatch!
  • (0:57:11) Travis: I love Josh Groban.
  • (0:57:16) Matt: Now, Critical Role owes a royalty to The Beatles. Thank you, Sam.
  • (1:03:34) Travis: Feels like money, money, mon-ay! (“For the Love of Money” by The O’Jays)
  • (1:04:46) Liam: Park Place, mothaf***ah! (Monopoly)
  • (1:05:10) Travis: Scrooge McDuck over here…
  • (1:08:24) Marisha: Pulling an Elder Scrolls!
  • (1:14:17) Sam: Stick a Google maps pin here.
  • (1:20:22) Travis: I take the mask, and like Jim Carrey in The Mask….
  • (1:28:22) Matt: It’s like Stones of Jordan, now. It’s the thing you trade. (Diablo)
  • (1:31:24) Liam: It’s Bowie. Bowie’s in space. (Flight of the Conchords)
  • (1:34:21) Liam: It’s a freakin Bilbo Baggins ring, man! (The Hobbit)
  • (1:34:24) Travis: It’s a Cloak of Invisibility! (Harry Potter)
  • (1:37:24) Sam: Well, if we’re ever invited to a masquerad-a… is that how you say it? (Masquerada)
  • (1:37:34) Taliesin: Paper faces on parad-e! (Phantom of the Opera; thanks to @allessier)
  • (1:43:58) Marisha: Then we walk by and we Top Gun each other.
  • (1:47:07) Travis: Like Rafiki? (The Lion King)
  • (2:15:09) Liam: Spire of Confluuuuuuuuuuuuuux! (Oprah)
  • (2:15:12) Matt: I’m just going to go ahead and wear myself a tucked-in shirt. (Overwatch)
  • (2:28:18) Vax’ildan: Eyyyyyy, Fredrickstein the Science Guy, lookit that! (Bill Nye the Science Guy)
  • (2:28:27) Taliesin: It’s Doctor Fredrickstein, please.  Liam: Steen! (Young Frankenstein)
  • (2:29:25) Travis: …With the mask in the front and the horn stickin’ out the back like a big Nike swoosh?
  • (2:29:41) Liam: He got polymorphed into De Niro.
  • (2:30:03) Sam: Blue Man Group?
  • (2:33:23) Taliesin: We have to go out sort of like Captain EO
  • (2:34:25) Multiple: Precious!  Gollum!Liam: Nasty! (Lord of the Rings)
  • (2:34:33) Travis: Nasty woman.  Gollum!Liam: She’s a nasty woman! (USA Presidential Debate)
  • (2:39:25) Sam: Floe Breaker.  Marisha: Flo Rida. NSFWish
  • (2:41:28) Laura: *hums Jeopardy! theme*
  • (2:41:54) Travis: And I start going Rocky Ribcage on this big piece of meat.
  • (2:46:35) Grog: It’s his woobie, you know.  Vax: Woobie, yeah. (Mr. Mom)
  • (2:46:45) Travis: Yeah, Guns and Ships. (Hamilton)
  • (2:47:02) Liam: …little palantír-type… (Lord of the Rings)
  • (2:56:46) Liam: Zorro!
  • (3:05:00) Liam: Anything can happen in the woods! (“Any Moment” from Into the Woods)
  • (3:05:19) Travis: Go on and kiss the girl! (“Kiss the Girl” from The Little Mermaid)


  • (0:22:10) The BackBlaze word game
  • (1:01:45) Sam: A back braid?
  • (1:29:25) Percy: There’s some bracelets and such, I thought I’d take a look at. Gold and platinum band with braids. […] Percy: The back blades.
  • (1:29:39) Sam: I just gave [the ring] to Back Blades over here. 

Answer: BrachBlaze!