Media References and Puns of Episode 77: Clash at Daxio

And then it was time for Vox Machina to fight in the sweet battle of the Clash at Daxio!

Media References

  • (0:01:35) Sam: What can be said about Dennis the Hopper? (Dennis Hopper)
  • (0:01:43) Sam: …or nibbled on Olivia’s Yo Gabba Gabba backpack.
  • (0:07:32) Sam: He put a ring on it? (“Single Ladies” by Beyonce)
  • (0:07:46) Liam: I’m willing to wait for it. (“Wait for It” from Hamilton)


  • (0:31:28) Taliesin: …so I can take easier pot shots at it.  Travis: Pot shots. *Travis and Sam start acting like they are smoking pot*
  • (0:41:03) Matt: This poor wyvern just gets torn asunder.  Travis: Poor, my a**!  Laura: Poor, your a**!  Matt: Poor…Travis’ a**.  Sam: A tall cup of Travis’ a**.
  • (2:13:33) Taliesin: Birds of a feather.
  • (2:20:38) Liam: Walk up and stab her in the calf.  Taliesin: She has a small cow?
  • (3:45:00) Percy: Just assume everything is going to be terrible for the next two months.  Cassandra: Speaking of Asum…
  • (3:47:46) Percy: I Asum