Media References and Puns of Episode 79: Thordak

The touch, the heal of Trickfoot: the healer of our lives!

Media References:

  • (0:00:58) Sam: I dug up an old poetry book and buried inside there was a very curious poem by a young Doctor Seuss!
  • (0:11:43) Travis: Britney Spears! *NSYNC!
  • (0:15:43) Liam: Meka lecka hi, mecka hiney ho! (Pee-Wee’s Playhouse)
  • (0:55:16) Liam: Check out the big hand on Scan! (Pulp Fiction) NSFW
  • (1:02:13) Multiple: Surprise, mothaf***ah! (Dexter) NSFW
  • (1:02:58) Liam: Is Thordy La Forge poisoned there? (Star Trek)


  • (3:00:25) Sam: I moved to Pike to pour stuff in her.  *everyone groans* I did not mean that in any weird way!