Media References and Puns of Episode 81: What Lies Beneath The Surface

Just putting this out there, artists: We’d love to see art of Grog as the slow-rolling Scrooge McDuck.

Media References

  • (0:27:37) Marisha: Call the locksmith! (Robin Hood: Men in Tights)
  • (0:46:30) Vax: I wasn’t about to sit back and listen to her Scooby Doo monologue.
  • (0:57:18) Grog: Flash.  Others: Aaahhh! (“Flash” by Queen)
  • (0:58:11) Liam: ROTHFUSSSSSSSSS! (The Big Bang Theory)
  • (0:58:15) Patrick: I was sent here by Aquisitions, Inc.  Matt: The last thing you hear is the laughter of a one-armed man in the distance.
  • (1:05:29) Taliesin: It’s a Shake Weight.
  • (1:05:52) Grog: If there’s a vase, I will totally smash that.  Matt: You smash a few vases, actually.  Taliesin: Ironically, there are two gold coins inside. (Zelda)
  • (1:27:55)  Matt: I there’s actually some Exalted expansions that’ll let you do that.
  • (1:32:23) Matt: Like a slow-rolling Scrooge McDuck.
  • (1:49:10) Sam: She was looking for the third book of the trilogy of Patrick Rothfuss!
  • (1:49:41) Liam: Tolkien! Rrrah!
  • (2:29:05) Multiple: I throw it on the GROUND! I don’t need your dancin’!  Matt: My weapon’s not a sword!  Travis: Duh!  Matt: I’m not part of your feudal system! (“Threw It On The Ground” by The Lonely Island) NSFWish
  • (2:30:06) Taliesin: *sings a bit of “True”* (“True” by Spandau Ballet)
  • (2:42:27) Matt: *sings* It’s the most wonderful time of the year!
  • (2:51:37) Patrick: Do I look like Brian Blessed who’s just walked through a bloody f***in’ massacre; am I still *indicates covered in gore*?
  • (2:54:09) Liam/Vax: Don’t like Dragon Age splatter?
  • (2:57:49) Marisha: He’s going full Heisenberg! (Breaking Bad)
  • (2:59:04) Liam: Yeah, Mista Shorthalt, yeah! (Breaking Bad)
  • (3:19:01) Taliesin: Three times. You say it three times. (Beetlejuice)
  • (3:25:35) Patrick: So, is it like when I left that glass of Surge out for so long that it evaporated in the cup down?
  • (3:27:21) Taliesin: Ladies and gentlemen, Burning Man.
  • (3:31:31) Kerrek: *jolting* F***!  Taliesin: that was the most Brian Blessed thing, it was amazing.


  • (3:27:26) Keyleth: Kerr, the fire has passed through you