Media References and Puns of Episode 84: Loose Ends

Scanlan Shorthalt would not have been forgot
Even had his resurrection been for naught.
To celebrate his death eluding
His friends coated him in pudding
And left him to wake up in knots.

Media References

  • (0:33:54) Travis: …and to the tune of the Washington [pro football team] fight song…
    • Hail to Scanlan Shorthalt,
    • Hail to victory!
    • No one can make me laugh faster,
    • Please bring him back to me!
  • (1:00:18) Travis, Taliesin, Matt, Marisha, Ashley and Liam: Somewhere, out there… (“Somewhere Out There” by Linda Ronstadt and James Ingram)
  • (1:20:40) Liam: He’s like a gnome Steve Buscemi.
  • (2:09:28) Laura: That sounded like […] Dolores Umbridge! (Harry Potter)
  • (2:14:00) Laura: N-n-n-n-nineteen! (Paul Hardcastle)
  • (2:22:55) Liam (while barely able to breathe): He’s like the chihuahua with the bulging eyes! (Taco Bell)
  • (2:23:37) Liam: It was like he polymorphed into Sully!
  • (2:42:06) Percy: And whoever sold you a subscription to Highlights.
  • (2:42:40) Liam: *makes rainbow motion and hums a tune* (The More You Know)
  • (2:47:34) Travis: Like the Cave of Wonders, sand comes up? (Aladdin)
  • (2:54:36) Matt: It’s like Lothlórien in the distance. (Lord of the Rings)
  • (3:09:03) Liam/Vax: Did. I. Stutter? (The Breakfast Club) NSFW
  • (3:13:13) Ashley: Yes. My precious. (The Hobbit/Lord of the Rings)
  • (3:15:53) Travis: It’s not the Swiss Family Robinson Treehouse.
  • (3:30:42) Travis : I’m having a DBZ orgasm right now.
  • (3:31:12) Liam: Round two. Fight! (Mortal Kombat


  • (1:32:55) Keyleth: Hehe. You said “girth.”
  • (1:41:28) Vex: What did you do?!  Pike: Not…anything…  Kaylie: Knot! Exactly! Knot.
  • (2:12:32) Vex: We told them we would give them a hand. Taliesin/Percy: *some clapping*
  • (2:36:46) Keyleth: Make like a tree and leaf?