Media References and Puns of Episode 85: A Bard’s Lament

Fun fact: This was the third time in six episodes that the magazine Highlights was referenced!

Media References

  • (0:03:27) Matt: [For Honor’s] like the upgrade of Dark Souls’ combat
  • (0:03:43) Liam: *vague Christopher Walken impression* I’m going down and stuff. […] It’s important to point out we’re not doing Walken any more, we’re doing our impression of Troy [Baker]
  • (0:06:45) Laura: Do I? Do I?!  Travis: Do I? […] Laura: We watched Galaxy Quest last night.
  • (0:12:25) Matt: Morpheus is fighting Neo! (The Matrix)
  • (0:14:44) Liam: Don’t blink! (Doctor Who)
  • (0:31:47) Travis: Damn! Damn, Gina! (Martin)
  • (0:41:08) Liam: That is some North Star s***. (Fist of the North Star)
  • (0:45:31) Liam: Go Cobra Kai on your a**. […] Taliesin: Cobra Kai…  Travis: Swing the leg, Johnny!  Taliesin: …never dies.  Liam: Put ‘im in a body bag! (The Karate Kid)
  • (0:48:06) Travis: He did the Kill Bill on my hands.
  • (0:50:58) Liam: He’s friggin third Hokage, man. (Naruto)
  • (0:51:10) Laura: He’s going super saiyan! (Dragon Ball)
  • (0:53:13) Marisha: Give him the chair! (professional wrestling)
  • (1:00:10) Marisha: Everyone’s doing their Keanu impressions! (The Matrix)
  • (1:05:24) Matt: He leaps in the air, kind of Troy-style.
  • (1:05:26) Laura: Superman punch!
  • (1:06:42) Multiple: Show me what you got! (Rick and Morty)
  • (1:07:40) Travis: F*** you, Master Splinter! (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • (1:14:37) Grog: If I fall, just picke me up like Weekend at Bernie’s, ok?
  • (1:15:38) Liam: Just for clarification, that all took place in Super Nintendo graphics, right? 16 bit?
  • (1:50:45) Marisha: Like the Mickey Mouse shaped [ice cream]?
  • (1:54:50) Marisha: It’s like the Julia Roberts vein.
  • (1:55:45) Marisha: If wizardry is Bob Fosse, Druidism is Twyla Tharpe.
  • (1:57:32) Sam: International House [of bosoms]. (IHOP)
  • (2:36:03) Taliesin: Like in a Black Mirror episode, all pile in and then like *lowers head.*
  • (2:36:10) Sam: Everyone’s reading Highlights.
  • (2:36:19) Marisha: It’s the basement in Westworld, where we all just go catatonic.
  • (2:39:52) Keyleth: Look, your sister gave me one of her blue feathers because this is the darkest timeline. (Community)
  • (2:57:00) Liam: Protocol Droid. (Star Wars)
  • (2:57:02) Marisha: Basically The Vision
  • (3:04:37) Matt: Flames on the sides of my face. (Clue)


  • (1:40:48) Grog: So, I need, like, bandages, and maybe some bondage, and just all the women.  Keyleth: Those things go together! That’s great!  Grog: Good! Like a B&B, right!  Keyleth: That’s exactly what B&B means!
  • (3:01:35) Tary: Or, it could be Daring Adventures of Darrington! Or it could be Tary on with Taryon!
  • (3:17:28) Liam: YOU ARE TEARING THIS FAMILY APART!  Sam: Tary-ing this family apart!