Media References for Episode 54: In the Belly of the Beast

Funny enough, not one reference to how one would train a dragon…

  • (0:01:58) Ashley: *sings* Dick in a box! (“Dick in a Box” by The Lonely Island-NSFW)
  • (0:22:14) Sam: Sort of like The Crying Game.
  • (0:37:00) Liam: Billy Mays here for the Ashari Tribe!
  • (0:53:11) Travis: I found us Boba Fett, sweet! (Star Wars)
  • (1:12:18) Liam: You found Dabney Coleman?
  • (1:13:40) Travis: It’s more like a Coke can.
  • (3:44:14) Laura and Ashley: I whip my hair back and forth! (“Whip My Hair” by Willow Smith)
  • (4:05:52) Matt: Have you seen, in Akira, when…
  • (4:10:29) Marisha: It’s not a tumah! (Kindergarten Cop