Media References of 40: Desperate Measures

  • (0:57:30) Marisha and Taliesin: Aim for the eye! (TV Tropes)
  • (0:58:40) Liam: It’s the heart of Stephen Colbert, right in its eyes (The Colbert Report)
  • (1:01:23) Laura: Man!  I wish had had Fancy Feast.  Marisha: Rrow!…Liam: I like chicken, I like liver, Meow Mix, Meow Mix please deliver! (Fancy Feast cat food and Meow Mix cat food)
  • (1:07:32) Laura: I’m not afraid anymore, you hear that?! (Home Alone)
  • (1:07:34) Liam: You have no power over me. (Labyrinth)
  • (1:12:25) Laura: That tickles! (Tickle Me Elmo)
  • (2:25:25) Liam: This is a little like Clue, the movie!
  • (2:58:08) Liam: My plan was to take that skull and to run like a f***ing football player.  Taliesin: Like Flash Gordon!

Thanks to @ladybaldr for the assist!