Media References of Episode 43: Return to Vasselheim

SkyMall: For all of your Knickknacks of Kha needs.

  • (0:09:04) Percy: It’s interesting because I sleep at night and these voices from nowhere consistently remind me that there’s a black powder merchant. (Critters, that’s all of us.)
  • (0:52:42) Matt: Looks kind of like the, what’s it, from Hellboy II?  Will: The underground mall.
  • (0:53:27) Matt: [The shady potion merchant’s] got a fine Van Dyke beard going on now.  
  • (1:03:14) Matt: It’s stuff you find in a Sky Mall, essentially.
  • (1:03:20) Taliesin: This is Sting, from Lord of the Rings!  Zahra: The one ring to rule them all!
  • (2:01:09) Grog: I don’t really feel like fighting, I just want to go talk to Master Splinter at the Trial Forge (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)
  • (3:16:01) (About Quivering Palm) Liam: It’s Uma Thurman, it’s f***ing Kill Bill!  Will and Marisha: The Five-Point Exploding Palm Technique. (Kill Bill Vol. 2- NSFW and SPOILERS)
  • (3:20:31) Liam: C’mon, Scanbo!  (Rambo)
  • (3:29:39) Will: He took no Van Damme-age.