Media References of Episode 47: The Family Business

What the world needs now is art of Vox Machina playing Meta & Dragons.

  • (0:20:31) Grog: You shouldn’t be Burt Reynolds, you should be Hugh Hefner from now on!
  • (0:20:46) Scanlan/Sam: Our dining room has a portrait of myself in it.  Not the one I had commissioned, but one that I had envisioned before.  It’s just me, in a smoking jacket, standing in front of a fireplace with me, in a smoking jacket above it Stephen Colbert-style.
  • (0:21:15) Travis/Grog: Oh my god, it’s Graceland!
  • (0:21:40) Taliesin/Percy: We can go to the game room, get some dice and some paper… Travis: A game within a game!  The inception! Bwaaaaaaaah!  Taliesin/Percy:…It’s called Meta & Dragons, we’re just going see how deep it goes!  Marisha: Keyleth just gets a nosebleed, for no reason.  Matt: An ever-spinning top on the banister. (D&D, Inception)
  • (0:24:29) Matt: …this trans-dimensional space they stepped into, Tardis-style (Doctor Who)
  • (0:25:47) Laura: I call upon the great power of Trinket: I choose you! (Pokémon)
  • (0:28:01) (After Grog punches the cow.)  Taliesin: This is getting very Apocalypse Now.
  • (0:30:02) Laura: It’s a Crossfit gym.
  • (0:33:32) Laura: Ren and Stimpy, I don’t know!
  • (0:40:15) Scanlan: Try, “On Coral!  On Carol!  On Stimpy!  On Fatty Arbuckle!” (Twas the Night Before Christmas)
  • (0:40:56) Laura: *singing* Something has changed within me! (“Defying Gravity” from Wicked)
  • (0:41:50) Laura: Can I sit sidesaddle on [the broom]? (Megzilla87′s art)
  • (0:42:20) Sam: I instruct the band to start playing “Flight of the Bumblebee.”  Matt: *whistles it* (Rimsky-Korsakov)
  • (0:44:18) Marisha: You’re going to be one of those Segway a**holes!
  • (1:07:22) Taliesin: Like a real hoverboard, is there a chance this one might set on fire as well?
  • (1:07:58) Taliesin: Deep levels of arrested development.
  • (1:22:15) Travis: Oh, say can you see-sah? (The Star Spangled Banner)
  • (1:28:34) Marisha: It took me a moment to find signal.  Sam: You need a Signal Boost.
  • (1:30:04) Taliesin: It’s super freaky.  Sam: Is it so super freaky? Marisha: Super freak, it’s super freaky! (“Super Freak” by Rick James)
  • (1:30:25) Travis: Edna Mode. (The Incredibles)
  • (1:50:32) Matt: You guys are going full Arnold from Predator
  • (2:29:22) Taliesin: Ugh, doric columns!  Oh my god, awful!  Tacky.
  • (2:46:09) Taliesin: *singing* Never met a gnome like you before! (“A Girl Like You” by Edwyn Collins)
  • (2:47:29) Travis/Grog: I feel like Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams and you’re James Earl Jones!  I’ve got a friend in this now!

Thanks to inconspicuoussasquatch for The Incredibles reference!