Media References of Episode 51: Test of Pride

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  • (0:14:00) Scanlan: Here’s your motivation: You’re a dead goliath… (Voice Over directions)
  • (0:37:28) Marisha: SAIL! (“Sail” by AWOLNATION)
  • (0:42:01) Taliesin: Picture Pages, Picture Pages!
  • (0:44:00) Grog: Oh, Tiny Dancer, you are f***ed! (“Tiny Dancer” by Elton John)
  • (0:45:10) Ashley: The pit of despaaiiiiir! (The Princess Bride)
  • (0:47:25) Liam: This. Is. WESTRUUN! (300)
  • (0:52:48) Taliesin: You just Wile E. Coyote-d that guy.
  • (1:09:15) Keyleth: Caw!  Taliesin: What?  Scanlan fell down a well? (Lassie [supposedly])
  • (1:18:28) Sam: Amateur Spider-Man!
  • (1:22:27) Liam: I hit it like Fonzie-style! Eeeeeeey! (Happy Days)
  • (1:34:45) Grog: I guarantee it.  Marisha: Men’s Wearhouse.  Ashley: You’ll like the way you look, I guarantee it!
  • (1:42:46) Taliesin: I like how we managed to make solving problems with violence into an ABC afternoon special