Media References of Episode 62: Uninviting Waters

If Aquaman has a favorite terrain, he must be a ranger. What classes are the rest of the Justice League, then? We’re betting Batman is totally multiclassed, rogue/monk at least.

  • (0:24:38) Matt: Much how Hulk escapes a fray…
  • (0:47:25) Laura: That’s perfect, because, with the immovable rod, you could set it… Taliesin and Sam: …And forget it! Set it, and forget it!
  • (0:54:53) Laura: You get a rope! You get a rope!  Marisha: We all get ropes! (Oprah)
  • (0:56:37) Taliesin: Only for Aquaman is this favorite terrain.
  • (1:00:26) Sam: Are [the rivers] multiplying? Oh no, it’s because we got them wet! (Gremlins) Thanks to baiwu112188 for this one!
  • (1:31:52) Matt: You see Scanlan turn around, Rambo-style.
  • (2:22:10) Matt: It tastes kinda like IHOP.
  • (2:40:02) Travis: It’s the Keebler Elves- KILL ‘EM ALL! Thanks to @icecream-s-coops for this one!
  • (2:40:15) Laura and Marisha: *hand wave* This is not the tree you’re looking for. (Star Wars)
  • (2:44:33) Matt: It resembles a tree from the Swamp of Sadness (The NeverEnding Story)
  • (2:50:53) Scanlan: …check out the Berenstain Bears