Monster Analysis: Abyssal Abomination

Gif by Critical Role Source

  • First appearance: 08 Glass and Bone
  • Armor Class 20
  • Speed 50 ft
  • Immune to poison damage
  • 450 damage taken, 42 HDYWTDT by Percy

The Abyssal Abomination is a Mercer original, an amalgamation of various fiends, aberrations, and other creatures by K’Varn to form one truly intimidating encounter, in an equally intimidating arena. “I tried to think of what sort of things K’Varn might try in his experiments, and also which of those would survive the experiments that K’Varn put them through,” Matt explained when we asked him about it. “‘Let’s see if this works … no. How about this …? That worked,’ before he sets it loose and goes onto the next one.”

The first version of the Abyssal Abomination.

In addition to the above abilities, the final creature also had a healing factor that regained 10 HP each round. This furthers the theme of an abomination that could survive K’Varn’s test, as one that could self-repair would definitely have a higher chance of living through them. Its poison gills provided another wrinkle to the battle, dealing an estimated 5d10 poison to those who failed the Constitution save (i.e., Trinket). Additionally, Matt reminded us that though its health started around 208, he modified it accordingly to provide an adequate challenge once he was sure of how many players would be present for the session.

The Sea of Bone and Glass provided another interesting element to the fight, one that the party approached with wisdom and caution both before the creature was encountered and during the fight. That said, the dice really didn’t favor the Abomination. It’s likely it would have been a significantly more difficult battle had they not been able to blind it for so long. (It also would have made figuring out its stats much easier if it wasn’t blinded, though we’re still pretty pleased with what we estimated before we got confirmation!)

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to Matt for providing both his notes and his commentary for this monster and the analysis!