Monster Analysis: Banshee

  • First Appearance: 29 Whispers
  • Armor Class 12
  • Challenge Rating 4
  • Immune to cold, necrotic, poison, nonmagical physical damage
  • Resistant to acid, fire, lightning, thunder (MM: nonmagical physical damage)
  • Immune to charmed, exhaustion, frightened, grappled, paralyzed, petrified, poisoned, prone, restrained
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 10, Detect all life within 5 miles 
  • Speed 40 ft (flying)
  • Average, Max HP: 58, 104
  • 99 damage taken, 24 finishing blow by Scanlan

Banshees are derived from cursed elves who used their beauty in life to control and corrupt rather than spread joy. The curse saps the life and beauty from the victim until the spirit is fully corrupted, forever bound to wander within five miles of its place of demise. It loathes the living and its horrendous appearance, with full memory of its life without willing to accept responsibility for its cursed state. 

We saw all of the banshee’s capabilities at work in this episode. Her Horrifying Visage frightens all creatures within 60 feet of it who fail their Wis save (which was negated by Heroes’ Feast). Her trademark Wail (which must be cast not in sunlight) effects all living creatures within 30 feet; we saw it drop Percy to 0 hp on a failed Con save. Fortunately, she can Wail only once per day before she has to rely on her only remaining attack: a melee spell that deals necrotic damage.