Monster Analysis: Bulette + The General

  • First appearance: 04 Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
  • Armor Class 17, reduced to 14
  • Speed 40 ft, 40 ft burrowing
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Tremorsense 60 ft, 16 Passive
  • Average/Max HP: 94, 135
  • 350 damage taken, 40 HDYWTDT by Grog

Bulettes are voracious eaters, attacking groups of any size without regard for anything except their own appetites. They tunnel deep underground, sensing the tremors generated by moving prey before launching themselves out of the ground at them (earning their nickname, “land sharks”). Its bite deals an average of 30 piercing damage. Its powerful legs allow it to leap 15 feet, forcing victims in the landing zone to make a save or be knocked prone, along with taking an average of 28 slashing and bludgeoning damage (half on save and pushed back 5 feet, not prone).

After the wild success of the slain mind flayer and the otherwise dominated General (and his men by extension), the bulette (a gift from the chatroom) provided a little more than a wrinkle to the party’s plans. Even though Scanlan took a little damage earlier from the duergar, the bulette was ultimately responsible for nearly killing the gnome (avoided by a series of VERY lucky athletic checks from the cleric). It also greatly softened Percy up from full health, allowing the General to get the knockout blow on the tinkerer.

Speaking of the General, we might as well throw him, his men, and their poop-covered ally in the mix:

  • First appearance: 04 Attack on the Duergar Warcamp
  • Armor Class ~17
  • 70 damage taken before having his brain consumed by Clarota
  • 7 Duergar soldiers
    • 1 dagger’d while stealthing in
    • 3 killed by Stone Pillars
    • 3 killed between episodes
  • Illithid: 79 taken, 8 killing blow by Vax

The absence of the mind flayer (brought to you by Surprise Rounds and Assassin Rogues™) made the initial battle more of a nuisance than the terrifying assault the party all feared before the strike. However, as backup to the bulette, the opportunistic duergar were a bit more dangerous. Fortunately, their numbers were still fairly easy to thin.

Despite having two PCs near death, this battle did result in two great spoils: Grog’s new Firebrand Warhammer, taken from the General, and Trinket’s new armor, skinned from the Bulette.