Monster Analysis: Dire Ape

The dire ape was just a corpse by the time Vox Machina got to it (killed by Aldor’s party, presumably eaten by the hydra), but in the interest of logging ALL creatures in the world of Critical Role, we’ve logged the stats of the textbook ape, then customized them to make them DIRE. Edit: @thebidbagboogie reminded us that Giant Ape is in the MM, negating the need for custom stats. Here’s the stats for Giant Ape, compared next to that of a standard ape. Thanks!

  • First Appearance: 17 Hubris
  • Armor Class 13 (12 for ape)
  • Speed 40 ft, Climb 40 ft (30 ft, 30 ft climb for ape)
  • Giant Ape Multiattack: (3d10+6)x2 bludgeoning
  • Ape Multiattack: (1d6+3)x2 bludgeoning
  • Giant Ape Average/Max HP: 30, 48
  • Ape Average/Max HP: 19, 30