Monster Analysis: Door

  • Encounter appearance: 29 Whispers
  • First appearance: 01 Arrival at Kraghammer
  • Armor Class: Varies, usually >12
  • Challenge Rating: 15 (0 Experience)
  • Immune to Piercing, Slashing, Lightning, Cold, Necrotic, Radiant, and Poison damage
  • Resistant to Bludgeoning, Force, and Fire Damage
  • Immune to Poison, Blinded, Charmed, Deafened, Exhaustion, Frightened, Paralyzed, Petrified, and Unconscious
  • Doesn’t require air, food, drink, or sleep.
  • Vision 0 ft, Passive 1, Speed 0 ft.
  • HDYWTDT by Scanlan with Bigby’s Hand, 20 strength check

Doors are usually benign constructs, common barriers used to prevent unauthorized entry. Most doors are easily traversed, though some are bolstered with locks, traps, or blockades. Even with these measures, most adventurers are trained to the point of trivializing their existence. However, the doors in Critical Role seem to activate meta-mechanical anti-luck capabilities when two factors are met:

  1. The team consists of exactly three individuals.
  2. The team consists entirely of males.

In episode 29, the encounter between the door and Vax, Percy, and Scanlan lasted for 12 minutes. Here’s the play-by-play.

  • Vax rolls a Nat20 to pick its lock, but the door dodges by forgoing a lock entirely.
  • Scanlan Dimension Doors inside and futily attempts to lift the barricade (Strength 12).
  • Percy (16), Scanlan (12), and Vax (4) attempt to lift it with Percy’s never-used scimitar. The door proves mightier, and Scanlan receives 4 slashing damage.
  • Vax attempts to attack the door from behind, successfully conquering the window (25). Vax (10), Scanlan (6), and summoned Unseen Servant Darrell (9) try together, once again failing to the might of the door.
  • With a single finger (unstated, but I think we all know which one), Scanlan utilizes Bigby’s Hand to vanquish the imposing wooden beam (20), and conquers the formidable Door.

In episode 12, a door also nearly defeated Vox Moronica.

  • Ulfgar attempts to knock down the door, but the wind is knocked out of him (8).
  • Salty Pete attempts to pick the (existent) lock, but the door feasts on his thieves’ tools (Nat1).
  • Rather than scale the window in the back, the party decides to set the door’s surroundings on fire rather than attack the door itself. While the strategy seems effective, Snugglelord’s horse still takes 7 bludgeoning damage.
  • The door, angry at the attempt to best it, decides to keep chewing Pete’s pick, preventing entry or exit. Ulfgar charges once again, once again falling flat (6). However, this final attack was enough for it to drop its meal, allowing the being it was guarding to pass.

We also can’t help but notice that magically-guarded doors pose challenges for single individuals. The Guardian Door of House Thunderbrand in Kraghammer fended off the invading dragonborn with a series of runes before the Carvers arrived to back it up. The door to the Duergar lab in the Emberhold hid a sinister poison spray trap for Vex and Trinket.

We admit that two points of data are hardly conclusive, but we also don’t think it’s worth taking any chances. That said, as frightening as a door may be, there is a being that is significantly more terrifying: The Dread Gazebo.

@thisismegopointed out that the door in the Velvet Cabaret also was a source of strife to the party, causing pain to Vax’s formerly burned foot and forcing Thorbir to embed his axe into the wall before it could be circumvented. Doors, man.

UPDATE (as of Ep36): By now, the above hypothesis has been disproven by a series of other door encounters. That list can be found here.