Monster Analysis: Duergar

  • First appearance: 02 Into the Greyspine Mines
  • Armor Class 16
  • Resistant to poison and spell damage
  • Advantage on saves vs. poison, spells, illusions, charm, and paralysis
  • Disadvantage on attack rolls in sunlight
  • Average/Max HP: 26, 40

As described by Foreman Heris in episode 02, Duergar are dark dwarves, “filthy lost souls, dwarves of old who turned to a darker god.” Long ago, a large collection of dwarves delved far too deep in search of riches. Their greed brought them in contact with the illithid, who immediately enslaved them. Centuries in the Underdark under the oppression of the Mind Flayers twisted these dwarves into cruel, ashy-skinned xenophobes who just as readily enslaved any other creatures who came too close. Considering the duergar history with the illithid, it should be considered remarkable that an alliance is in place, even a forced one by K’Varn.

Due to their oppression at the hands of the mind flayers, Duergar have built a natural resistance to mind-altering effects and arcane attacks. Their time in the Underdark has saturated them with dark magic, as well. They are able to temporarily Enlarge their size (up to a minute), doubling their physical damage and gaining advantage on Strength saves. If a fight is proving unfavorable, they can also cast Invisibility on themselves to escape. Both of these spells recharge after a short or long rest… Assuming they live that long.