Monster Analysis: Elephant

Thanks to @madqueenmomofor the sketch!

  • First Appearance: 72 The Elephant in the Room
  • Armor Class 12
  • Speed 40 ft
  • Suggested average, max HP: 76, 120
    • 76 total HP
    • 88 taken
    • 20 finishing blow by Grog

Elephants are large gray mammals with big ears, long noses called trunks, and sharp tusks that…

Okay, so you know what elephants are. D&D elephants have a gore and stomp attack (+8 to hit), and can stomp on prone creatures as a bonus action, especially if they’ve been knocked down by the trampling charge (20 ft distance for attack, DC 12 Strength saving throw).

The “encounter” lasted for two rounds with Grog knocking Scanlan out of the way for the first attack, Elephant!Keyleth retaliating, Scanlan blasting Elephant!Keyleth and Percy with a fireball, and Grog “saving” Keyleth from the beast. The real challenge came in the form of the door Keyleth had difficulty besting before the encounter even began.