Monster Analysis: Frost Giants

  • First Appearance: 19 Trial of the Take Part 2
  • Armor Class 15
  • Immune to Cold damage (usually)
  • Speed 40 ft
  • Average/Max HP: 138, 204
  • “Ace”: 167 taken, 54 cold damage from Rimefang
  • “Gary”: 123 taken, 15 killing blow by Grog

Frost Giants attack first, and don’t bother with questions later. Their culture is one of war and brute force, and they value combat prowess over craftsmanship. Any fine items they obtain are either bartered with other giants or taken from villages crushed in their wake. Their pecking order is determined by the strongest of their numbers. Since they value strength, it’s not surprising that they bow to the will and might of Rimefang, even unwillingly.

As guardians to Rimefang’s lair (their former home), their thrown rocks and axe attacks served as a proper scare and a minor warm-up before facing the real big bad. The giants’ forced cooperation was convenient for navigating the caves and saved a few spell slots and HP as well. Despite their ineptitude in combat against the dragon and even with Grog needing to dedicate his full final turn to finishing Gary, Ace was useful for soaking up the direction of a Cold Breath, and Gary’s lone 24 pushed Zahra’s 9 to the (absolutely magnificent) Hellish Rebuke. (Usually, they would be immune to Rimefang’s Cold Breath, but considering Ace’s face was already mostly disintegrated, that much cold from an angry dragon still makes some sense as a killing blow.)