Monster Analysis: Gibbering Mouther

  • First appearance: Critical Troll
  • Armor class 9
  • Challenge rating 2
  • Speed: 10 ft, Immune to prone
  • Ground within 10 ft of it is difficult terrain
  • Creatures within 20 ft must make Wis save (DC 10)
  • Avg/Max HP (MM): 67/99
  • 103 damage taken, 20 HDYWTDT by Ulfgar

The Gibbering Mouther was a surprisingly accurate D&D equivalent of the spirit of the real-world chatroom. One of the most deplorable aberrations, it is a product of wicked, misguided sorcery. Just being in its presence can drive weaker minds to insanity as its many mouths all cry out in a deafening cacophony of screams, shrieks, and moans. It spews poison than can blind any that are too close to its point of impact. It is all consuming, swallowing all organic life and merging it into the rest of its hideous form. You’ll note that these attributes are also shared by the Gibbering Mouther.

Matt took great advantage of the donation requests to rebalance the rather one-sided fight. The party suddenly jumping to level ten and gaining 3 extra combatants (Stephan, Victor, and Gary) would normally make the fight far too easy, even with the Mouther’s insane gibbering. However, Matt used Victor’s presence and the chain effect of Lightning to make the battle relatively more even, and more entertaining (which was a feat; I was already hard-pressed for air with all the laughter).

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