Monster Analysis: Gynosphinx

Thanks to andrewkellerdraws for letting us use his sketch! Check out the rest of his stuff if you haven’t yet, it’s pretty sweet.

  • First Appearance: 22: AraMente to Pyrah
  • Armor Class 17
  • Challenge Rating: 11
  • True Sight 120 ft, Passive 19
  • Legendary Creature with Lair Actions

Osysa was not an encounter, and actually seemed to lean Lawful Good over the textbook Lawful Neutral. However, since Gynosphinx is in the MM, I thought she would be worth discussing anyway for DMs who may be interested in placing a sphinx (andro- or gyno-) in their campaign.

They often are keepers of divine secrets, providing magical tests to guard both physical and intangible treasures as placed by the gods. Even if a sphinx is defeated or slain, the secret will remain locked away from the creature who fails the sphinx’s test. The lair of a sphinx can function in a time zone of its own.

Gynosphinxes value knowledge and lore. They tend to present puzzles that require a keen mind to overcome. Androsphinxes, the male equivalent, are equally noble, but tend to place value in courage and strength, with tests that require such. It is interesting to note that Osysa’s tests for the teams were a combination of courage and wits, perhaps in tribute to her husband.