Monster Analysis: Hag

  • First Appearance: 20 Trial of the Take Part 3
  • Armor Class 17
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Average/Max HP: 82, 121

First thing to get out of the way: we’re not sure what kind of hags Forsythia or her sister Trista actually are. Her ability to cast an illusionary appearance suggests that she is likely a green hag (as above stats assume), but since she seems to prefer the inner walls of Vasselheim instead of a swamp and she and her sister were created when the game was run in Pathfinder, it’s probable that her actual identity, stats, and abilities are enhanced and an amalgamation of various types of hags.

Hags are arrogant, magical fey who consider themselves more cunning and intelligent than any other mortal creature. They are willing to make deals with mortals who treat them with the proper respect, but these deals are almost always made with the intent to drag the other party into the evil that consumes their own dark hearts. They embrace the disturbing, and their lairs tend to demonstrate their perverse natures.

Hags form covens to enhance their own knowledge and arcane power. They value these alliances (to the extent that they can exploit them) and are loyal to the oaths they make with their sisters (assuming they don’t make them with crossed fingers). They are all equals within the group. They usually meet in threes to resolve conflict between two of them; any more usually results in argumentative chaos. While they are all near each other, each hag becomes a 12th-level caster who all share the same wizard spell slots (uses Int mod; notable since they usually cast using their Cha). They can also work together to form an artifact called a hag eye, which can be used for scrying by any member of the coven.

Tiberius’s desperation to complete his quest and Vax’s deal for mere poison provided the perfect opportunity for the hags to mettle. Between the eventual return of one fiend with stripes and the “favor” hovering over the rogue’s head, a stroke of bad luck will eventually find its way to Vox Machina.