Monster Analysis: Harpies

  • Monster Analysis: Harpies
  • First Appearance: 27 The Path to Whitestone
  • Armor Class 11
  • Speed 20 ft, 40 ft flying
  • Passive perception 10
  • Average, Max HP: 38, 63

The origin of the harpy (in D&D lore) goes back to a young elf who fell in love with a reclusive elf god as they both paused to listen to an astoundingly beautiful bird song. In attempt to reattract him, she pleaded with the gods until the elf goddess of the sky granted her the ability to sing the same enchanting melody as the bird. When her attempt to seduce the elven god failed, she cursed the gods, transforming her into a hideous winged creature with a craving for flesh and a song that could woo the weak-willed.

Harpies reside in mountainous areas where their nests are difficult to reach, and where they can maintain an unfair advantage over potential prey. Fortunately, the party didn’t hear any Luring Song, which can charm humanoids within 300 feet to come running straight for the harpy, including straight over a cliff. It’s unfortunate that the horses fell victim to these cruel creatures, but their sacrifice allowed the party to pass both the bridge and rocky path without alerting the monstrosities to their presence.