Monster Analysis: Invisible Stalkers

  • First Appearance: 27 The Path to Whitestone
  • Armor Class 15 (MM 14)
  • Challenge Rating: 6 individually (MM)
  • Darkvision 60 ft., Passive 18
  • Immune to poison damage
  • Immune to basically all conditions (in play halfway)
  • Resistant to nonmagical physical weapon damage (not in play)
  • Speed: Hover 50 ft
  • Avg/Max HP: 104/160
  • Invisible Stalker 1: 81 dmg, 19 killing blow by Percy
  • Invisible Stalker 2: 205 dmg, 38 killing blow by Vax

An invisible stalker is an elemental assassin, summoned from the Elemental Plane of Air and altered for a single purpose by its master. The stalker is resentful but entirely loyal to its summoner, following their commands for the duration of the spell that forces its servitude. As an assassin, a stalker always knows where its target is provided they are on the same plane of existence, no matter how far they are. It remains entirely invisible when they attack.

Despite losing the Pepperbox for the fight, Percy still kept the fight from getting worse than it could have been. He also ensured that Jarrett stayed in the fight by inflicting status effects on the more powerful stalker (before Matt realized otherwise). Jarrett’s survival also guaranteed Desmond’s survival, as Jarrett’s grapple check bought Desmond another round of safety. If Desmond had gone down earlier, another hit would likely have been his end, as the Briarwoods planned.