Monster Analysis: Ogres

  • First Appearance: 01 Arrival in Kraghammer
  • Armor Class 11
  • Speed 40 ft
  • Darkvision 60 ft
  • Average, Max HP: 59, 91

Ogres are pretty dumb. Their greed and tribe-like behavior can be used to convinced to fight with other monsters, from goblins, orcs, and giants (the last who ogres basically worship). However, someone who may consider themself especially clever would be wise to not to overplay their hand confusing an ogre, as ogres are also prone to lose their temper with the slightest provocation.

Funny enough, over the course of Critical Role, ogres have been shown to be fodder for bigger and badder things, particularly in the Underdark. There’s always a bigger fish, right?

  • Ep01 (2:24:34) Vox Machina quickly dispatched two ogres as they were fleeing for the lives from the Naga abomination. 
  • Ep03 (1:52:08) One ogre joined the trolls over the edge of the cliff, shortly thereafter becoming an aboleth snack. 
  • Ep05 (1:53:47) Two ogres, transporting a contained Black Pudding, are taken down hard by the party, shortly before their cargo makes its presence known.
  • Ep18 (1:46:17) The half-ogre is first creatures taken down of the orc band (by a maniacal, critting-like-crazy pajama-flap Percy). This is followed by the orcs stating they would not care to face Rimefang. Vox Machina does not give them the option, anyway.

Now, if only if I could get Smash Mouth out of my head after writing this…