Monster Analysis: Otyugh + Rat Swarms

  • First Appearance: 20 Trial of the Take Part 3
  • Armor Class: 14
  • Challenge Rating: 5 (MM), ~7 with Rat Swarms (CR)
  • Darkvision 120 ft, Passive 11
  • Speed: 30 ft
  • Avg/Max HP (MM): 114/168
  • 239 damage received, 45-point killing blow by Keyleth

The otyugh’s bite forces its victim to make a DC 15 Con Save to avoid being poisoned. A creature dies automatically if it’s still under the effects of the poison if its HP reaches 0. Its tentacles also grapple targets it successfully hits, assuming the target is medium or smaller.

The otyugh provided the plot hook at the end of episode 20 and the introduction to the Dungeon of Deception of episode 21. In combination with the rat swarms, it also provided a means for the party to waste their spells before they were able to confront their quarry (which swarms are very good at doing due to their resistance to physical weapons). Fortunately, after enough rats and the otyugh had been killed, the others were forced to think of self-preservation over their next meal.

The otyugh might have been employed by the city of Vesselheim to consume waste, and had been used by Hotis to slow down pursuers. It also set the tone for the rest of the dungeon: watch your step, make your saving throws, and plan accordingly.