Monster Analysis: Pixie Wishers

Thanks to @ElfenCeres for this piece!

  • First Appearance: 61 Denizens of the Moonbrush
  • Armor Class 17 (MM 15)
  • Speed: 30 ft (flying)
  • Advantage on saving throws against spells and magical effects
  • Suggested Average, Max HP: 1, 3
    • Mythic Iotha: 124 taken, 22 killing blow by Vex
    • Pixie 1: 59 taken, 28 killing blow by Percy
    • Pixie 2: 40 taken, 14 killing blow by Percy
    • Pixie 3: 46 taken, 36 killing blow by Percy
    • Pixie 4: 46 taken, 24 killing blow by Vex
    • Pixie 5: 45 taken, 45 killing blow by Scanlan
    • Pixie 6: Unknown killing damage by Ukurat

The Pixie Wishers! Also known as, “Those Dicks.”


Pixies are very frail, fairy-like fey entities with the wings of butterfies, the bodies of elves, the curiosity of cats, and the skittishness of deer. Unlike their physically combative brethren, the sprites, pixies abhor physical violence. Pixies’ proclivity for the arcane (especially spells of the defensive variety) lends to their usually pacifistic nature. They are resistant to magical effects, can cast a collection of spells using only pixie dust, and can usually turn invisible for as long as they can maintain concentration.

The Wishers

Art by Thomas Brinn

Led by Mythic Iotha, the Wishers accepted the burden of halting the spread of lycanthropy throughout the Feywild by trapping the creatures in the Moonbrush with them, resulting in the age-old turf war. The Pixie Wishers are notably stronger than the average pixie pulled from the monster manual, and much more practiced in the arcane (which is definitely saying something). Their dedication and militarism also appears to borrow from sprite culture, opposed to the usual whimsical nature of the weaker pixies.

Despite their noble cause, the pixies’ pride in their mission and complete unwillingness to compromise with outsiders spelled out their downfall. Even though they did eventually see some reason in Vox Machina’s failed attempts to trick the the Fendir, their somewhat rational fear of the lycan curse led to close-minded measures. Their definition of being at-ease started with petrifying a decidedly diplomatic individual with a cut on his eyebrow, a permanent and rather drastic measure when abilities such as Sleep and Polymorph were also at their disposal.

The “garden of stone” becomes even more sinister in this light, as they used it to not just scare away the werebeasts, but extended that threat to any who did not deem their brand of justice reasonable or absolute. By “creating a dichotomy that [did] not exist,” the pixies forced Vox Machina’s hand into combat.

The Encounter

The pixies’ basic strategy (which, incidentally, made them so particularly annoying and challenging) was in neutralizing the party’s turns:

  • Grog: Stone (3 rounds wasted)
  • Vax: Turned to stone (1 round wasted) 
  • Keyleth: Counterspelled (2 rounds and spells wasted)
  • Scanlan: Counterspelled (2 rounds and spells wasted), Badger (0 rounds wasted)

With essentially 6 player turns per standard round and three rounds in this combat, the Wishers negated 8 of 18 potential turns, making what could have been a two-round encounter last three. It should be noted that this does not include the failed attempts to turn Vax and Keyleth.

The pixies were most prepared to deal with VM’s magical abilities, but they did not have a defensive response to the ranged physical might of Percy and Vex, who were the MVPs of this fight. Completely ignoring the almost supernatural number of criticals that the full party had, Percy and Vex dealt a whopping 147 (38.38%) and 140 (36.55%) damage, respectively, of the total 383 dealt by the party. (We had noted before that Percy would have been next to useless against the lycanthropes. Of the two potential encounters, this was his battle to take the spotlight!)

We also have to praise Sarenrae that Keyleth remained unpetrified throughout this battle. As annoying as her blocked Sunbeam and Greater Restoration were, without Pike, the party would have been in deep trouble had their only source of Greater Restoration and PLANE SHIFT (their only means of leaving the Feywild) were taken out.