Monster Analysis: Rimefang the Adult White Dragon

  • First Appearance: 18: Trial of the Take Part 1
  • Armor Class: 18
  • Challenge Rating: 13 (MM), ~15 (CR)
  • Blindsight 60 ft, Darkvision 120 ft, Passive Perception 21
  • Immune to Cold Damage, uninhibited by icy environment 
  • Speed: 40 ft, 80 ft fly, 40 ft swim, 30 ft burrow
  • Avg/Max HP of Adult (MM): 200, 288
  • Avg/Max HP of Ancient (MM): 333, 504
  • 630 damage received, 9-point HDYWTDT by Zahra

For the most part, Rimefang’s stats, such as Armor Class, available actions, damage dealt, were all definitely of the Adult variety rather than Ancient. However, everyone watching will have probably noted that there was one significant modification to the rule book: HP.

If Rimefang had been entirely textbook, the battle would have been mildly tense, but not extremely climatic for a freaking dragon. Even worse, he would have fallen before Scanlan got to say one of the greatest lines in the entire show. The tension definitely increased when we realized that Rimefang had health to rival an Ancient. Once both Scanlan and Percy were down two death saving throws and Rimefang was STILL standing, the true stakes and the difficulty of the battle revealed itself. By the time Zahra got her MAGNIFICENT killing blow, Rimefang’s defeat was definitely a great victory, and something that everyone (i.e., the players, the chatroom, and the DM) were praying for.

MVP: Definitely Zahra. Besides getting the killing blow, she’s responsible for almost a third of the total damage (198) thanks to Witch Bolt. “Burt Reynolds” gets honorable mention for being a badass at the cost of near-death.