Monster Analysis: Riskel Daxio (Elven Battle Master)

  • Encounter Appearance: 37 A Musician’s Nostalgia
  • Armor Class 17
  • Fighter (Battle Master)
  • Feat: Great Weapon Master
  • 179 damage taken, 23 HDYWTDT by Percy

We’re first introduced to Lord Daxio in passing in episode 14, when we learned that he was responsible for the construction of Greyskull Keep. His other mention, outside of his betrayal, was when the party sought his aid to install defenses in the keep against the Briarwoods. With the knowledge obtained in episode 31, it can be considered fortunate that his attention was divided at the time.

Based on his two uses of Indomitable that allowed him to reroll two failed saving throws, we can surmise that Daxio is between levels 13 and 16 (we estimate level 14). His use of the Great Weapon Master feat proved particularly deadly in the final round, granting him an additional 10 damage for each successful strike (an additional 30 whopping points, on top of a crit).

If we assume that Daxio was a level 14 fighter, he knew a total of 7 maneuvers, with a Str save DC of 17 or greater. Despite his array of options, we only received a demonstration of his Trip Attack (a fail vs. Grog, and a success vs. Keyleth). It is interesting to note that he prioritized disabling and assaulting individual party members, rather than attempting to flee. With the combined stressors of the warrant for his arrest and the sudden betrayal of his hidden location by the Clasp, it is little wonder that he chose the maxim: “If I’m going down, I’m taking at least one of you with me!”

Worst of all from the Daxio fight was a component no one could have controlled: the dice. A series of poor Intimidation checks from the party and successful saves from their quarry added to the complexity of getting him to “just give up already.”