Monster Analysis: Roc

  • First appearance: 26 Cows and Consequences
  • Armor Class 15
  • Challenge Rating 11
  • Passive 14, Advantage on Perception checks
  • Speed 120 ft flying
  • Average/Max HP: 248, 400

Here we are: the big bird for America’s bird-centric holiday. Rocs were created by Annam, the father of the giant gods, in order to aid giants in their aerial warfare with dragons. After the war ended, the giants released the gargantuan monstrosities into the wild, where they spread to prey on elephants, whales, and even giants themselves. They nest in high, hard-to-reach mountain peaks, and hunt from high above the clouds before diving at alarming speeds to snatch their prey.

Rocs tend to stretch about 200 feet in wingspan. This roc, being a baby, only stretched about 100 feet, and feasted on cattle instead of elephants. Even with this change in size, we’re under the impression that the rest of its stats would have been the same. The damage Keyleth took feeding it a Good Berry is average for the standard beak attack. As Matt pointed out, a PC death would not have been out of the question as the creature chucked each party member off the side of the mountain. Diplomacy was really the best choice here; we wish Byron and his avian luck in Vasselheim.