Monster Analysis: Satyr

Thanks to @BrinMataujall for the art!

  • First Appearance: 59 The Feywild
  • Armor Class 14
  • Speed 40 ft
  • Magic Resistance, advantage on saving throws
  • Magical effect from musical instrument
  • Suggested average, max HP: 31, 56

Satyrs are universally hedonists, reveling in any form of ridiculous celebration they can participate in. They’ll gladly drink, dance, and play their way through life, completely heedless of the consequences inflicted on those around them as they rush to the next opportunity to party. They also delight in music, and many satyrs are able to induce various charming, sleeping, and fear effects in listeners with their melodies.

Garmelie shares much the same revelry as other satyrs, partaking in drink, low-brow (but still entertaining) caricatures, and fondness for his ocarina and protected objects. That said, some critters have pointed out that Garmelie has demonstrated that he’s much more powerful than the average satyr. When a 17 Wis Save fails a typically 13 DC (one that would usually be cast by means of an instrument and no subtlety), that speaks to a more powerful entity. The fact that he has never done a self portrait of himself (much to Percy’s interest) makes us wonder if the book and quill were really just sentimental objects, and if the satyr is really just any old satyr.

Garmelie chose the target of his Charm spell remarkably well. The half-elves’ Fey Ancestry and the gnomes’ cunning would have protected them from his influence, and no one would have considered making the deal had Grog tried to sell them on it. Percy’s human-ness and business-like stature provided the necessary weakness and in-group persuasiveness needed for the satyr’s side of the deal to be represented.

The deal itself is also a point of interest. Although the deal took place in the pocket dimension of the mansion, that dimension is still technically within the Feywild, where deals made carry more weight than they would in the Material Plane. Once the deal was made, Garmelie quickly demonstrated his willingness to keep up his end with a series of warnings. We wait with anticipation to see what unknown component Vox Machina committed themselves to for this information.