Monster Analysis: Sir Kerrion Stonefell

  • First appearance: 29 Whispers
  • Armor Class 19, Speed 30 ft.
  • Duel-wield rapiers, Fighter (Champion or Battle Master)
  • 273 damage taken, healed unknown amount by Second Wind
  • 31 HDYWTDT by Smoke Percy

Sir Stonefell was already likely the easiest of The List to confront, a brutal surprise round notwithstanding. As the local (human) enforcer, his strength was in his guards, which were easily bypassed by Vox Machina’s earliness. His duel-wielding of swords and his use of Second Wind demonstrated that he had classes in Fighter. Unfortunately, due to the brevity of the battle, we were not able to see whether he preferred Champion or Battle Master (though his position with the Briarwoods and the means by which he obtained it sound more like a tactician than someone willing to do their own work.)

Master Vuukos also had class levels, specifically as a Trickster Rogue. This allowed him to use Disengage as a bonus action (undone upon reconsideration), but also cast spells.

  • First appearance: 29 Whispers
  • Armor Class 17, Speed 30 ft.
  • Duel-wield short swords, Trickster Rogue (spellcaster)
  • 107 HP, 13 AoO knockout blow by Keyleth

In addition to Sir Stonefell and Master Vuukos, there were three thugs, who would have benefited from Pack Tactics had one not been killed in the surprise round, another not been dominated, and the last been any use at all.

  • Thug 1: 59 damage, 8 killing blow by Percy
  • Thug 2: Dominated by Scanlan, knocked out by Vax with 32 damage
  • Thug 3: 81 damage, 26 killing blow by Grog

However, the most important monster of the encounter was Percy’s demon, who granted the Pepperbox an additional d6 damage when the gun was trained on one of the names on the barrel. It’s unlikely that Percy’s corruption from lack of sleep has anything to do with his corruption concerning this entity, but it will be interesting to learn more about this being and its history with Percy.