Monster Analysis: Skeleton Army

“Up yours, Harryhausen!” -Taliesin (0:42:28)

  • First Appearance: 31 Gunpowder Plot
  • Encounter Appearance: 32 Against the Tide of Bone
  • Challenge Rating: ¼ (individually), 3 (horde)
  • Armor Class 13
  • Speed 30 ft
  • VULNERABLE to Bludgeoning damage
  • Immune to Exhaustion
  • Average/Max HP: 13/20
  • Skeletons taken out by VM: 100 (totals below)

Skeletons are lawful undead, loyal to the being that raised them. This loyalty, combined with their lack of exhaustion or other needs, makes them relentless warriors ideal in a war of attrition when their numbers are great. They follow the literal commands they are granted, and have very little driving them outside of their orders. Without given instructions, skeletons will simply lash out at living beings (provided the victims are not allies of their commander).

However, they are very weak individually, and their single-mindedness can backfire just as easily. We saw this when, rather than all going around Keyleth’s wall, they continued their assault by lining up to be picked off. They still burned a couple more much-needed spell slots, but all told, the horde of bone warriors were more a show of force than an actual force with which to reckon. (For a group of seven 12-13 level adventurers, the horde is worth about 25 XP.)

It was also shown that the Briarwoods used Whitestone’s graveyard to provide their anti-rebellion force. The citizens of Whitestone were undoubtedly familiar with these, with Keeper Yennen prepared for the onslaught. It should also be noted that this was a GREAT warmup for our favorite gnomish cleric of Sarenrae.

  • 20 Keyleth (Hailstorm, ep31)
  • 10 Vex (Cone of Barrage)
  • 50-60 reported (21:45)
  • 70 or so reported (23:01)
  • 2 Percy (3 gunshots)
  • 7 Keyleth (Flaming Sphere)
  • 13 Vex’ahlia (Lightning Arrow)
  • 65 reported (30:57)
  • 36 Pike (Destroy Undead)
  • 20 or so reported (36:26)
  • 5 Scanlan (Lightning)
  • 13 reported (41:20)
  • 7 reported (42:35)
  • 3 Grog (Tee Time)
  • 4 Keyleth (Flaming Sphere)

You’ll notice that the reported numbers don’t exactly line up with what Vox Machina cleared out. Keep in mind that more funneled their way around the wall and were taken on by Keeper Yennen and the people of Whitestone. We don’t have the exact numbers on these, but we’d like to estimate that the Briarwoods attempted to throw about 150-200 skeletons at the town, in all.