Monster Analysis: Sky Pirates, Griffon, and Wyverns

  • Griffon First Appearance: 15 Skyward
  • Armor Class 12
  • Speed 30 ft, 80 ft flying
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 15
  • Max, Average HP: 59, 91
  • 82 taken, 12 finishing blow by deckhand

Griffons are ferocious predators. Their preferred diet consists of horses, but any sufficiently large creature will do. They are particularly brutal in aerial combat, defending their territory by tossing those who invade off high places. While it is rare for a humanoid to have a griffon as a mount, a dedicated trainer familiar with the griffon’s termperment can raise one from birth. Griffons raised in such a manner are fiercely loyal to their master, fighting to the death to ensure their trainer’s survival.

  • Wyvern First Appearance: 15 Skyward
  • Armor Class 13
  • Speed 20 ft, 80 ft flying
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14
  • Max, Average HP: 110, 169
  • Wyvern 1: One-shotted by Keyleth’s Polymorph
  • Wyvern 2: 191 taken, 10 finishing blow by Vax’ildan
  • Wyvern 3: 94 taken, 26 HDWYTDT by Percy 

Wyverns are members of the dragon family, famous as winged mounts despite their temperamental and aggressive demeanor. They don’t share the same intelligence or cunning as their greater dragonkin, but they are still a bit more cunning than the average wild beast. They lack foreclaws with which to attack, but this is easily compensated for by their long, stingered tails that deal a powerful venom (which is often coveted by hunters and rogues alike). They generally prefer to keep their aerial advantage and carry off prey where it is physically helpless, but even a grounded wyvern finds defense in its tail.

While the party’s side did lose a deckhand early in the fight due to the lack of ground around the ship, overall the environment proved more useful than not in this encounter. In terms of just wasting the enemies’ turns, Tiberius successfully burned a wyvern’s turn by telekinetically removing its rider, and Keyleth proved to be one of the better candidates for getting tossed off the ship. For enemy body counts via falling off the ship, we have:

  • Bunny!wyvern, by Keyleth’s Polymorph
  • Wyvern Rider, thrown off by Elemental!Keyleth’s Whirlwind 
  • Griffon rider punched off by Scanlan’s Bigby’s Hand
  • Wyvern rider chucked off by Grog

Seriously. Four out of seven kills can be attributed to gravity.