Monster Analysis: Tiny the Fomorian

  • First Appearance: 11 The Temple Showdown
  • Armor Class 14
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Darkvision 120 ft, Passive 18
  • Average, Max HP: 149, 221
  • 202 damage taken before being put to sleep (Unknown final fall damage)

Fomorians were, at one point, the most beautiful of giants, residents of the Feywild who were skilled in the arcane and wise in thought. Unfortunately for them, they also coveted power and slaves. In their attempt to overtake the Feywild, the fey defended the realm by casting a terrible curse that misshaped the giants to reflect the same ugliness that was in their hearts. This in turn stripped them of most of their intellect and magical prowess as they fled to the Underdark, plotting their revenge against those that prevented their reign and stole their beauty.

Fomorians still retain one bit of their spellcasting ability, in the form of their hideous eye. Once per long or short rest, it can attempt to magically pass on its deformed curse to a single creature. Creatures who become deformed in this manner gains disadvantage on attacks and physical ability checks and saves and lose half their speed. Vax succeeded on his Charisma save against it, preventing him from falling victim to the Curse of the Evil Eye.

Geas was the best option for finding an ally in “Tiny.” While fomorians are sometimes willing to create alliances, they are more than willing to betray these ties at a moment’s notice. He also stated his disinterest in K'Varn, meaning he had little incentive to strum up trouble in the first place. In the end, his splatting was probably for the best, as Vox Machina’s infiltration from above was significantly more useful than having an almost-dead giant alert a beholder and an entire illithid colony before the attack.