Monster Analysis: Trolls

  • First Appearance: 03 Strange Bedfellows
  • Armor Class 15
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 11
  • Average, Max HP: 84, 120
  • Two trolls fall victim to Hallucinatory Terrain before succumbing to the Aboleth
  • Also a troll dick, that disappeared before the stream.

Trolls have ravenous appetites and a significant amount of brute strength. The former can often be manipulated by residents of the Underdark in order to take advantage of the latter trait. Trolls also have strong regenerative capabilities. Severed limbs and heads take on a life of their own as both they and their source regenerate each round. Fire and acid can be used to seal the wounds and stop this process, but doing so will certainly draw the focused ire of the troll they are used against.

Since the stream started, the party has only met three trolls. Two of which were easily dispatched by means of Hallucinatory Terrain; the third was taken down by the Abyssal Abomination. We have been told of pre-stream troll hijinks, including Tiberius turning into a female troll (with things very nearly ending badly for him) before one of the troll’s members was severed. Thanks to the troll’s natural ability to regenerate, it would not have been a problem, had it lived through the encounter. More importantly, the party had a memento to sling around for a while, which we are grateful is no longer in the bag of holding.