Monster Analysis: Vampire Spawn

  • First Appearance: 30 Stoke the Flames
  • Armor Class 15
  • Challenge Rating: ~11 (5 individually)
  • Resistant to necrotic and nonmagical physical damage
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 13
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Average, Max HP: 82, 121
  • Vampire 1: 165 damage, 33 radiant death blow by Keyleth’s Sunbeam
  • Vampire 2: 87 damage, 33 radiant death blow by Keyleth’s Sunbeam
  • Vampire 3: 136 damage, 8 HDYWTDT Vicious Mockery by Scanlan… combined with “running water”

Vampire spawn are thralls of their creator, ravenous children who hunt the living but ultimately follow the absolute orders of their parent vampire. They can eventually be granted free will away from control, but few vampire lords choose to relinquish this power. They often guard the stomping grounds of the vampire, protecting their lord’s crypt while often relying on cursed (but otherwise common) dirt as their own place of rest.

One thing of note: The Monster Manual doesn’t give spawn the ability to mist. They typically can simply be killed, although they are just as weak to running water and sunlight as their parental figures. Matt commented on this during a knowledge roll, but we still saw all of them fall to either sun or, ahem, running water.

With that said, Patrick (at the tavern) told the party that those who attempted to “take the easy way out” were still doomed to become undead. While they didn’t specify what kind of undead, this is also new, assuming they are turned into vampires. With these simple (and let’s be honest, completely practical) modifications in place, the corruption of Whitestone has resulted in much stronger undead. Whether this is the direct influence of the Briarwoods or the help of something far more dangerous remains to be seen.