Monster Analysis: Worg, Ogrillon, and Orcs

  • First Appearance: 18 Trial of the Take Part 1
  • Worg Armor Class 13
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 14
  • Speed 50 ft
  • Advantage on Perception checks
  • Average/Max HP: 26, 44
  • 40 taken, 12 killing blow by Grog

Worgs are large, cruel predators who delight in malevolently hunting and killing weaker prey. They usually associate with goblins as mounts, but will also partner with orcs. Victims of its bite attack must make a strength save or be knocked prone. Fortunately, a raging goliath looking for playmates has little trouble against such a creature.

  • First Appearance: 18 Trial of the Take Part 1
  • Ogrillon Armor Class 12
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 9
  • Speed 30 ft
  • Average/Max HP: 30, 48
  • 66 taken, 21 killing shot by Percy

Ogrillons are half-orc, half-ogre are exceedingly dull-witted, only slightly smarter than their full-ogre brethren. They are fully willing to work with their orcish brothers to assist in raids, using their brawn as directed by the warlike strategy of orcs. That said, the average damage rating of a single half-ogre is still fairly trivial compared to what Vox Machina is capable of… Especially when their gunslinger is rolling critical after critical.

  • First Appearance: 18 Trial of the Take Part 1
  • Orc Armor Class 16
  • Darkvision 60 ft, Passive 10
  • Speed 30 ft, bonus action to move speed toward hostile
  • Orc 1: 53 taken, 19 killing axe by Grog
  • Orc 2: 45 taken, 45 Chained Lightning by Lyra
  • Orc 3: 76 taken, 12 killing blow by Trinket
  • Orc 4: 74 taken, 30 killing blow by Percy
  • Orc 5: 17 taken, Decapitated by Grog after interrogation
  • Orc 6: 51 taken, 17 killing Agonizing Blast by Zahra

Orcs are barbaric, aggressive individuals who shun civilization in favor of roaming tribes. They lust for power, ignoring race in favor of recruiting and swelling their numbers with powerfully built individuals (ogres included, as we can infer). Orcs commonly pillage and scavenge from villages, and have an unquenchable thirst for slaughter. Vasselheim is guarded enough that this band of orcs seem to have little interest, but travelers who are found in their hunting grounds find they must meet strength with strength to fight them off.

This battle was basically a random encounter for the party, showcasing an animal Lyra had claimed to have killed, giving us the start of Percy’s ridiculous crit count (as well as his trademark buttflap pajamas), and satiating Grog’s blood lust before the party encountered the lair of Rimefang.

Thanks to @thesingingbadger, @starstuff84, and @dragonmustang01 for tracking the damage totals for this fight.