My Buddy Pike

kevvinn asked: Is there a count of how many times Grog has said “My Buddy Pike”?  

As a bonus, Grog also calls Pike his buddy in the notes of his recent playlist!  

Times Grog has called Pike his ‘buddy’: 11

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43 Return to Vasselheim

  • (2:51:37) Grog: I choose my buddy, Pike.  Scanlan and Vex: She’s not here.  Grog: I don’t care, I just say it anyway.

48 Into the Frostweald

  • (1:03:46) Grog: Hello, my little buddy, Pike! We missed you.

49 A Name is Earned

  • (3:41:29) Grog: You got it, buddy!
  • (4:30:14) Grog: Pike, buddy! Are you all right?

50 Best Laid Plans…

  • (1:46:26) Grog: I’ll [kill Kevdak] with my family. I’ll do it with my buddy, Pike.

59 The Feywild

  • (0:41:07) Grog: BUDDY!  Pike: Hi, buddy!
  • (1:11:13) Grog: Hey, buddy!

71 Vorugal

  • (0:42:00) Grog: Hi, buddy!
  • (0:43:40) Grog: Hey! Buddy!

76 Brawl in the Arches

  • (2:26:43) Grog: I would like to pick up my buddy, Pike, and head for the door.

80 Raishan

  • (2:49:25) Grog: I run to my buddy, Pike.