Nat Crits of 06: Breaching the Emberhold

Special thanks to arosebyabbie for recording these stats!

Critical Wins

  • Percy (1:05:40) Nature check vs. basilisks

Critical Fails

  • Scanlan (0:51:33) Stealth check approaching the red spire
  • Percy (1:00:51) Second communal stealth check (group succeeded overall)
  • Vex'ahlia (1:09:50) Investigation vs. lava flow (negated by advantage)
  • Vex'ahlia (1:35:05) Attack vs. Duergar guard
  • Vax’ildan (2:29:24) Picking Kima’s locks

DM Rolls

  • Duergar guard (Nat1, 1:23:11) vs. Keyleth’s athletics check