Nat Crits of 07: The Throne Room

Critical Wins

  • Vax’ildan (0:29:43) Sneak attack vs. Duergar Smithy
  • Tiberius (0:33:34) Stealth check
  • Percy (0:38:15) Gun butt vs. Duergar Guard
  • Vax’ildan (0:42:11) Perception check vs. Commode Door
  • Scanlan (2:45:22) Initiative vs. Throne Room
  • Keyleth (2:56:02) Dex save vs. Vex’s Conjure Barrage
  • Vex’ahlia (3:18:51) Hail of Thorns vs. Duergar Queen
  • Scanlan (3:36:19) Beheading the Duergar King (HDYWTDT)
  • Percy (3:43:23) Dex check vs. Magma Flow
  • Vax’ildan (3:43:23) Dex check vs. Magma Flow
  • Scanlan (3:46:09) Dex check vs. Magma Flow

Critical Fails

  • Tiberius (0:21:30) Group Perception check for guards
  • Pike (1:07:23) Saving throw vs. Surprise Mind Blast
  • Vax’ildan (1:38:12) Perception vs. Duergar Armory

DM Rolls

  • Grog (Nat20, 3:14:25) Critical Hit vs. Duergar Queen

Note: It’s kind of ironic that an episode with so many Nat20s still ended so terribly for Vox Machina (stoned Tiberius, kidnapped Grog, and lost-foot Vax).