Nat Crits of 11: The Temple Showdown

VERY special thanks to AshesOfValkana and @markus2002 for taking on this sizable episode!

Critical Wins

  • Vex’ahlia (28:08) sleep arrow vs Fomorian (still didn’t put it to sleep because it has a TON of hit points)
  • Scanlan (35:15) acrobatics while jumping into the Fomorian’s pit
  • Grog (1:51:20) headbutt vs the Fomorian after it drank all his ale
  • Vax (3:24:50) Athletics check to swing on rope to attack K'varn
  • Grog (3:44:22) Athletics check to grab K'varns horn after being thrown by Keyleth as an earth elemental
  • Tiberius (3:47:00) Perception check over Ilithid city
  • Grog (4:00:37) Str save vs. K'varn’s telekinesis ray
  • Vax'ildan (4:22:44) Wis save vs. K'varn’s fear ray

Critical Fails

  • Vex’ahlia (15:04) stealth roll (negated by advantage)
  • Vax’ildan (17:04) constitution save vs the Fomorian’s “nasty ass scent” (hiding in its furs)
  • Vax’ildan (22:58) attack roll vs. the Fomorian
  • Scanlan (45:20) Initiative roll
  • Scanlan (1:16:35) Nature check on Fomorians (strengths and weaknesses)
  • Trinket (2:36:25) Stealth check while flying to the temple
  • Grog (4:14:22) Axe throw with chain of returning vs. K'varn (chain breaks)
  • Vax'ildan (4:18:20) Dagger attack vs. K'varn (negated by Luck)
  • Vax'ildan (4:18:33) Dagger attack vs. K'varn

DM Rolls

  • None recorded. (Beholders don’t roll!)