Nat Crits of 23: THE REMATCH

Critical Wins

  • Vex’ahlia (0:26:56) Sleight of Hand to Hunter’s Mark one of the Bastion
  • Grog (0:56:27) Flying kick vs. Kern (negated by disadvantage)
  • Vax’ildan (2:49:50) Persuasion on Kynan Leore (with Luck)

Critical Fails

  • Grog (1:06:31) Athletics check vs. Kern’s Grapple
  • Grog (1:10:25) Third Attack vs. Kern

DM Rolls

  • Kern (Nat20, 1:19:52) Third Attack vs. Grog to put him in the negative
  • Kern (Nat20, 0:50:56) Punch to the torso (halved by Grog’s Stone Endurance)
  • Kern (Nat20, 0:59:40) Blinded attack (negated by disadvantage)