Nat Crits of 33: Reunions

Special thanks to TheSingingBadger for assisting with these stats!

Critical Wins

  • Percy (p1.1:04:34) Investigating Cassandra’s desk
  • Percy (p1.1:27:33) Initiative vs. Professor Anders
  • Percy (p1.2:00:15) Pepperbox vs. Professor Anders
  • Vax’ildan (p2.0:28:30) Thieves’ Tools to untrap the lock
  • Vex’ahlia (p2.0:56:20) Stealth check into catacombs (with advantage)
  • Percy (p2.1:02:42) Perception check for slivers of glass
  • Grog (p2.1:06:57) Survival check to find tracks in catacombs
  • Percy (p2.1:09:43) Initiative vs. Ghosts
  • Percy (p2.1:11:31) Normal bullet vs. Ghost 1
  • Percy (p2.1:12:40) Fire bullet vs. Ghost 1
  • Grog (p2.1:42:24) Attack of Opportunity vs. Vex’ahlia (negated by disadvantage)
  • Grog (p2.1:56:03) Attack of Opportunity vs. Percy

Critical Fails

  • Percy (p1.1:41:28) Misfire vs. Anders
  • Keyleth (p2.1:10:00) Rolling Taliesin’s die to see if it rolls another 20. It didn’t.
  • Grog (p2.1:17:54) Initiative vs. Ghosts (negated by advantage… for a 2.)
  • Percy (p2.1:21:11) Misfire vs. Possessed Vax’ildan
  • Percy (p2.1:35:20) Charisma save vs. possession by ghost

DM Rolls

  • Helmed Horror (Nat20, p1.1:36:37) Second attack vs. Vax
  • Helmed Horror (Nat20, p1.1:36:36) First attack vs. Vax