Nat Crits of Critical Troll

We’ve been sitting on these for a while. Now that everyone can actually watch this fantastic farce (and we can get times straight from the Youtube video), here they are!

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Natural 20s

  • Salty Pete (0:15:07) Sleight of hand vs. Information broker (negated by disadvantage)
  • Ulfgar (2:28:37) Second attack vs. Gibbering Mouther
  • Qaulard (2:37:23) Direwolf attack vs. Gibbering Mouther

Natural 1s

  • Snugglelord (0:14:18) Intimidation vs. Information broker (2nd roll with disadvantage)
  • Cort (0:49:55) History check vs. illusionary tiger-riding goliath warriors
  • Snugglelord (0:52:10) Strength check vs. Ulfgar to avoid being used as Victor’s shield
  • Ulfgar (1:11:38) Second attack vs. goblin
  • Edna (1:31:31) Conjuring a boulder over a goblin… but actually herself
  • Ulfgar (1:32:51) Second attack vs. goblin
  • Ulfgar (2:11:04) Perception of entrance as told by alchemist
  • Edna (2:19:30) Initiative vs. Gibbering Mouther
  • Ulfgar (2:19:40) Initiative vs. Gibbering Mouther

DM Rolls

  • Stephan (Nat20, 1:12:10) Attack vs. goblin attacking Ulfgar
  • Goblin (Nat20, 1:18:10) Goblin attack vs. Ulfgar
  • Gibbering Mouther (Nat20, 2:34:48) Saving throw vs. Blindness