Natural Rolls

Somewhere deep in the CritRoleStats archives is a promise to bring you natural rolls. For the last several weeks, we’ve been slowly working through each episode with a stack of character sheets (though now L rarely even needs the sheets anymore- Ioun save you all on Vox Machina Modifier trivia night). Careful observers of the All Rolls sheet might have noticed a change overnight: there’s a new column with the natural rolls for every single d20 roll for which we have a value!

Things to Do with this List:

  • Calculate things like the number of times somebody rolled a specific number.
  • Figure out the number of times Reliable Talent frustrated L (only applicable after Vax hit level 11 in episode 20).
  • Watch the progression of the twins’ Stealth, Perception, and Acrobatics rolls from pretty good to ridiculous.
  • Marvel at Scanlan’s Charisma-based skills. They start out ridiculous, and become even more so as time goes on.
  • Marvel at Scanlan’s Wisdom skills, Grog’s Intelligence skills, and Vex’s Strength skills. No progression here, they’re all consistently terrible.

Other cool frequency statistics or graphs we haven’t mentioned. Have fun!

Things to Not Do with this List:

  • Bug the cast about “mistakes.”

Anyone who’s ever played a serious game of D&D knows that the numbers can take a backseat to the gameplay really quick once everyone is dragged into the moment. (Trust us, even the Stats guys can’t keep everything straight in our own games when the tension hits!) There is also the possibility that we’ve made a mistake somewhere. We have done our level best to make this list as accurate as possible, but mistakes happen, and it’s possible there are homebrew rules we are missing.

Specific things to note:

  • Use caution when trying to draw conclusions from Vax’s roll statistics. Vax’s average roll is going to be skewed after level 11 when Reliable Talent kicks in. This wonderful rogue ability allows him to treat any d20 roll less than 10 in a skill in which he is proficient as a 10 on the die. Notably, this means that at his current level (14), Vax cannot roll less than a 25 in Acrobatics and Stealth, or less than a 22 in Perception (except for crit fails- Liam’s confirmed that they still respect the power of a 1). All possible uses of Reliable Talent are highlighted.
  • We’ve also highlighted instances of “odd rolls.” In these cases, there was either an unannounced crit or the calculated natural roll is physically impossible. As we’ve said above, mistakes happen, or there is a homebrew rule in-play that we don’t know about.
  • One homebrew we’ve noticed in particular is Keyleth’s Nature rolls; we think they’ve homebrewed that particular skill to use wisdom for her, not intelligence. All of her Nature rolls reflect this.