“No apparent effect.”

@JavyMujica asked: I kinda wanna know how many times @matthewmercer said “no effect” during tonight’s ep lol @CritRoleStats #CriticalRole

Episode 34 was definitely one of the most heart-stopping episodes Critical Role has given us. This can be mostly blamed on the unreliability of certain spells, especially of the healing variety. Much was negated this episode; here’s when Matt told us that “nothing happened” when we expected otherwise.

  1. (0:49:10) “Then you realize the harshness of the poison doesn’t seem to be affecting your system.”
  2. (1:03:07) “It hits, slightly ricochets and splinters when an arrow hits a hard surface, no seeming reaction.”
  3. (1:04:20) “Eventually [the sword] slides to a stop, no effect.”
  4. (1:10:02) “[Grog] passes right through the center of where these opals are aligned across from each other…Seeming, no effect.”
  5. (1:13:18) “A moment passes… Doesn’t seem to have an immediate effect.”
  6. (1:17:35) “ As the blast hits the glass, it seems to have no effect. Like, the actual essence of the spell is scattered across its surface.”
  7. (1:41:01) “You put your hand on the gem; take it away and see that the gem is glowing, but does not seem to be getting an immediate reaction from it.“
  8. (1:43:02) “You place your hands on all the gems… No apparent effect.”
  9. (1:43:23) “[The acid] is still arcing, and hitting and spattering against the glass, no effect on the the glass, but it’s starting to hit elements of the ceiling.”
  10. (3:03:25) “As the spell kind of shoots out from your hands, it kind of bounces off her, seeming no effect.”
  11. (3:51:40) “This is not considered a curse, so as the spells leaves its energy into Vax, he is still standing there, stunned.”
  12. (4:20:15) “As you pull up your holy symbol and begin casting your spell, the divine energy seems to be almost pulled from your hand, and the spell has no effect.”
  13. (4:24:55) “You pop off the vial, go ahead and pop it into her mouth, take the vial away… It’s doesn’t appear to be any effect.”
  14. (4:27:10) “You take your holy symbol and put your hand to her… Nothing’s happening.”
  15. (4:32:15) “You run up to Vex as she’s in Vax’s arms. Once again, the spell slot is expended, but no magic seems to appear.”
  16. (4:39:02) “As you focus your attention toward your earthen core, triggering the transformation effect, nothing happens.”