Notes on Sorcery Points

One of my players (who actually introduced me to Critical Role) is planning on playing a sorcerer in an upcoming campaign. In preparation for her role, she researched how sorcery points work in practice… And realized that in 5e, they don’t actually give you extra actions per turn, as we’ve seen Tiberius put them to use.

Starting at 2nd level, a sorcerer gains Font of Magic, which allows her access to sorcery points to regain spent spell slots. For example, if a sorcerer is out of level 4 spells but has 6 sorcery points, she can take a bonus action to spend all of those points to recover a level 4 slot. Additionally, sorcerers can also spend a bonus action to convert a spell slot into its sorcery point equivalent, indicated by the Creating Spell Slots table (PHB p101).

Matt pointed out in the Youtube comments for episode 17: “It was a house-ruled element of the game due to complaints, but I agree… it needs to be scaled back a bit.” This was in response to a critter who argued that multiple fireballs in a round was OP… Which we agree with, as awesome as it looks.

Sorcery points are still pretty badass as they allow sorcerers to be the most fluid with spells of the casters, but it’s probable that your 5e DM will not let you alter their intended purpose so you can take multiple actions per turn.

With that said, there is a Metamagic component (PHB p.102) that allows sorcerers to cast full-action spells as a bonus action:

When you cast a spell that has a casting time of 1 action,
you can spend 2 sorcery points to change the casting
time to 1 bonus action for this casting.

As @stevengodbey and @starcords pointed out on Twitter, the current house rule restricts Orion from using any spells larger than level 2 as the bonus action. It may behoove you as a DM to restrict that to cantrips.